This is the best option to fully enjoy the route, leisurely cycling, watching the landscape. It involves some small changes (just 4 km.) to distribute proportionally accommodations along the route.



Start: St. Julià de Cerdanyola (964 m.)

End: La Nou de Berguedà (877 m.)

Distance: 36,59 km.

Cumulative altitude: 1.681 m.


Starting from Sant Julià de Cerdanyola, the first stage is one of the hardests of the route. Luckily, the beauty of the landscapes fully rewards the effort. by the spectacular landscapes.




Start: La Nou de Berguedà (877 m.)

End: St. Jaume de Frontanyà (1.069 m.)

Distance: 41,26 km.

Cumulative alitude: 1.473 m.


During this stage, we will enjoy oak and red pine woods that will show us their extraordinary contrast on our way to Vilada,


From Vilada, we will continue our way to Sant Jaume de Frontanyà, where the stage ends.



Start: St. Jaume de Frontanyà (1.069 m.)

End: Sant Romà de la Clusa (1.362 m.)

Distance: 33,92 km.

Cumulative altitude: 1.191 m.


The third day is the less demanding: although it includes the hardest ascent of the route, the difference in height and the mileage are smaller than in the other stages. 


The start from Sant Jaume de Frontanyà and the emblematic Font del Bisbe will be two of the most unforgettable memories off the day, that ends in Sant Romà de la Clusa.




Start: Sant Romà de la Clusa (1.362 m.)

End: St. Julià de Cerdanyola (964 m.)

Distance: 42,61 km.

Cumulative altitude: 1.354 m.


High altitude is what characterizes the last day. It's a stage of ridges, peaks and hills.


The last 12 km., almost all a constant descent to the village, will give us a well-deserved rest in wonderful surroundings.