You can make your booking by filling in the form below.


However, the following conditions and procedures are established:

  • To participate in La Transcatllaràs, you previously have to fill in and send the form below.
  • You can choose your preferred options from the drop-down menus. HB means Half-board (dinner, bed and breakfast) and FB means Full-board (dinner, bed, breakfast and lunch on the way).
  • The organization will send you an e-mail with the total amount to pay, the bank account number where the 30% of the total amount has to be payed to reserve, as well as the last day for full payment.
  • The reservation will not become effective until the 30% of the total amount has been payed.
  • Once yor reservation has become effective, the non payment of the remaining 70% before the final payment date will result in the loss of the prepaid amount.
  • Once the full payment is made, La Transcatllaràs will be considered started.
  • Non-appearance at the start of the route will result in the loss off the total amount payed.

Atención: Los campos marcados con * son obligatorios.