150 km. and 5.500 m. of cumulative altitude!


La Transcatllaràs is a MTB circular route around the Catllaràs Massiff (Berguedà), designed to be done in 2, 3 or 4 stages: 

  • 2 days option: 150,12 km. and 5.409 m. of cumulative altitude.
  • 3 days option: 150,18 km. and 5.438 m. of cumulative altitude.
  • 4 days option: 154,38 km. and 5.699 m. of cumulative altitude. 


La Transcatllaràs is a considerably hard route that requires a good physical shape. You can view every stage profile by clicking your chosen route option.


99,9% of the route can be done on the bike: just 2 small sections must be done on foot.


In all options, the route starts in Sant Julià de Cerdanyola (950 m.) and passes by the villages of La Nou, Vilada, Castell de l'Areny, Sant Jaume de Frontanyà and La Pobla de Lillet, travelling through the most emblematic and characteristic places of the Catllaràs.


La Transcatllaràs is not practicable during the winter: the accumulation of snow and ice makes impossible the normal course of the route.


La Transcatllaràs is not signposted or marked on the ground: we want to keep the land as unspoilt as possible.


The organization will give you a GPS with the route tracks loaded. We will also supply you with a map of the route so that you always know your situation.


By contracting the route, you will get the La Transcatllaràs jersey (not for sale).


You can use our bike rental service or mechanical assistance on route, among other services. We also manage luggage transportation, accommodations and meals.